GFS Veritas Ultimate

Veritas Ultimate, Trace Metal Grade Acids

Veritas Ultimate PPT Trace Metal grade acids are distilled using proprietary technology that can produce the purest acids for trace metal analysis in the world. The entire process is controlled by sophisticated, state-of-the-art automation paired with next generation process controls and analytics that ensure the highest quality material with the minimal variation. Our distillation process runs 24 hours/day, 7 days a week, which allows GFS Chemicals to handle large volume orders and requests.


Veritas Ultimate

Veritas Ultimate PPT acids come with a batch specific CofA that lists a minimum of 65 elements with a maximum of 10 PPT or less for all 65 elements. The bottles used for the PPT grade acid are made from FEP (Fluorinated ethylene propylene) plastic and are conditioned to remove any trace metals from the plastic. Select an acid below to learn more.

GFS Chemicals offers Trace Metal Grade Sulfuric Acid, Trace Metal Grade Hydrochloric Acid, Trace Metal Grade Nitric Acid


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Hydrochloric Acid, PPT Grade, Veritas Ultimate
SKU 72110
Hydrochloric Acid, PPT Grade, Veritas Ultimate


Low PPT Trace metals 
Consult SDS before use. Not for direct food, drug or cosmetic use. For details go to For sale by GFS and its authorized dealers only. 
Mol Wt.
Package Size
250 ml 
DEA Controlled
Chem. Form.
12/17/2022 4:44:56 AM 
CompanyBrandMaterialItem NumberGFS Veritas #
Thermo ScientificOptima™Nitric AcidA4677200
Thermo ScientificOptima™Hydrochloric AcidA4667210
Thermo ScientificOptima™Sulfuric AcidA4687220
Thermo ScientificOptima™Hydrofluoric AcidA4637230
Thermo ScientificOptima™Perchloric AcidA4697240
Thermo ScientificOptima™Acetic AcidA4657250
Thermo ScientificOptima™Hydrobromic AcidA4717260
SupelcoUltrapur®Nitric Acid1015187200
SupelcoUltrapur®Hydrochloric Acid1015147210
SupelcoUltrapur®Sulfuric Acid1015167220
JT BakerUltrex® IINitric Acid69017200
JT BakerUltrex® IIHydrochloric Acid69007210
JT BakerUltrex® IISulfuric Acid69027220
JT BakerUltrex® IIHydrofluoric Acid69047230
JT BakerUltrex® IIPerchloric Acid48067240
JT BakerUltrex® IIAcetic Acid69037250
FlukaTraceSelect™ UltraNitric Acid026507200
FlukaTraceSelect™ UltraHydrochloric Acid962087210
FlukaTraceSelect™ UltraSulfuric Acid772397220
FlukaTraceSelect™ UltraHydrofluoric Acid124157240
FlukaTraceSelect™ UltraPerchloric Acid076927250
Thermo ScientificTraceMetal™Nitric AcidA5097100
Thermo ScientificTraceMetal™Hydrochloric AcidA5087110
Thermo ScientificTraceMetal™Sulfuric AcidA5107120
Thermo ScientificTraceMetal™Hydrofluoric AcidA5137130
Thermo ScientificTraceMetal™Perchloric AcidA5117140
Thermo ScientificTraceMetal™Acetic AcidA5077150
SupelcoSuprapure®Nitric Acid1004417100
SupelcoSuprapure®Hydrochloric Acid1003187110
SupelcoSuprapure®Sulfuric Acid1007147120
SupelcoSuprapure®Hydrofluoric Acid1003557130
SupelcoSuprapure®Perchloric Acid1005177140
SupelcoSuprapure®Acetic Acid1000667150
JT BakerInstr-Analyzed™ PlusNitric Acid93687100
JT BakerInstr-Analyzed™ PlusHydrochloric Acid93857110
JT BakerInstr-Analyzed™ PlusSulfuric Acid93907120
JT BakerInstr-Analyzed™ PlusHydrofluoric Acid93877130
JT BakerInstr-Analyzed™ PlusPerchloric Acid93597140
JT BakerInstr-Analyzed™ PlusAcetic Acid93757150
FlukaTraceSelect™Nitric Acid843857100
FlukaTraceSelect™Hydrochloric Acid082567110
FlukaTraceSelect™Sulfuric Acid847167120
FlukaTraceSelect™Hydrofluoric Acid475597130
FlukaTraceSelect™Perchloric Acid772277140
FlukaTraceSelect™Acetic Acid457277150
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace Ultra™Nitric AcidNX04087200
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace Ultra™Acetic AcidAX00787250
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace Ultra™Hydrochloric AcidHX06087210
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace Ultra™Hydrofluoric AcidHX06287230
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace Ultra™Perchloric AcidPX03987240
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace Ultra™Sulfuric AcidSX12487220
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace®Nitric AcidNX04077100
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace®Hydrochloric AcidHX06077110
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace®Sulfuric AcidSX12477120
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace®Hydrofluoric AcidHX06277130
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace®Perchloric AcidPX03977140
Millipore SigmaOmniTrace®Acetic AcidAX00777150
BDHAristar® PlusAcetic Acid 7150
BDHAristar® PlusPerchloric Acid 7140
BDHAristar® PlusHydrofluoric Acid 7130
BDHAristar® PlusSulfuric Acid 7120
BDHAristar® PlusHydrochloric Acid 7110
BDHAristar® PlusNitric Acid 7100
BDHAristar® UltraAcetic Acid 7250
BDHAristar® UltraPerchloric Acid 7240
BDHAristar® UltraHydrofluoric Acid 7230
BDHAristar® UltraSulfuric Acid 7220
BDHAristar® UltraHydrochloric Acid 7210
BDHAristar® UltraNitric Acid 7200